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Job Vacancy: Design Week Senior Reporter

Job Vacancy: Design Week Editor

Interconnect acquires Design Week (Press Release)

Standfirst is now our studio brand

We are thrilled to announce a new chapter in our company’s journey. Interconnect, formerly Interconnect IT, has been a stalwart in the industry for nearly twenty years, constantly evolving and learning

Forcing Kindle Unlimited Is A Massive Misstep

Every publication we’ve supported on the Kindle for Periodicals service is no longer available on e-ink Kindles. Gone. They no longer exist.

Innovating sustainability: Reducing waste & improving productivity

Recently, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Liverpool John Moores University and Beartown Brewery on a fascinating project, aimed at reducing waste and enhancing productivity in the brewery industry

Admin panel redesign: A sleek and streamlined experience

Hey there, Standfirst users, we’ve got some news to share with you. We’re rolling out the latest Standfirst update, where we’re bringing a new look to the admin UI on Standfirst for Web.

The end of Newsstand subscriptions

Amazon has decided to withdraw the ability to subscribe to magazines and newspapers through the Kindle platform, and appears to be promoting Kindle Unlimited as the alternative approach instead.

How to write a useful bug report

Lately we’ve been creating custom software for clients – software with unique workflows and intricacies that may sometimes have bugs or where requirements might not be perfectly understood

We’re standing with Ukraine

Can we help? Can you?

“Can you just install this WordPress plugin?” – Supply chain vulnerabilities and the art of “no”

Most of our clients know that the bulk of our site builds are still based on WordPress, even if that’s our own version of it. And that means a world of plugins and themes are available, right? No

Free stock photos? Wonderful, and here’s how to avoid getting sued.

Free images are awesome, but they come with a host of gotchas that have been known to catch businesses out. We go through the pitfalls and the things you should do to protect yourselves.