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We specialise in designing and building web applications and large-scale WordPress solutions for the best names in publishing.

Our publishing industry clients include Creative Review, The Lawyer, Catholic Herald, The Spectator, The Engineer and many many more.

And we don’t just do publishing. NGOs, activists, journalists, developers and small businesses have all benefited from our capabilities and products.

Latest news from the team

Our Day of Culture

As a bit of a change to the usual action-packed teambuilding adventures, I thought it might be interesting to go on a more slow-paced, ‘cultural’ tour around our local city of Liverpool.

Case Study: interconnect/it

Our website has been on our list of things to do for as long as I have been at the company. I joined in January 2013. Finally we’ve had the opportunity to show it some love.

30 Years of Information Technology

There was a scary realisation at a recent company meeting, when someone pointed out that I should write about my thirty years of experience in IT.

Working with Liverpool Girl Geeks in 2017

If you work in the tech industry around the Liverpool area, you may be aware of the work Liverpool Girl Geeks are doing to help to reduce the gender gap in the tech and IT industry.