Interconnect acquires Design Week (Press Release)


This is the joint Interconnect/Xeim press release we published on 15/05/2024. It has been reported on by InPublishing.

Interconnect today announced its acquisition of the assets of Design Week, the respected online design brand, from Xeim. Since 2015, we have been a service provider for Design Week forging a close working relationship and we felt that taking ownership would inject new vitality into the brand.

Design Week is known for its quality analysis and broad coverage of the design sector. We intend to maintain these strengths and will also invest in a new design and content strategy to enhance the publication’s relevance and reach.

Our aim is to bring Design Week to new levels of influence and innovation, respecting its history while preparing for a dynamic future. We appreciate the continued support of its audience and contributors and look forward to welcoming them back soon when we relaunch.

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