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The New Statesman has dropped Network Ads. Should you?

Advertising supported business models have been a big part of the web for many years

JOSCAR Registration

Working from home during Coronavirus

Our Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Home working tips

What we are working on right now

Thanking the NHS and key workers

Useful tools and links

We’ve found some useful resources listed below for online publishers, which might help during this time.

Let’s talk about accessibility

I’m one of the front-end developers here at interconnect and one of my passions is accessibility and a positive user experience for everyone

Looking forward at 2020

December 2019: Press Release

Our £70k investment in Amazon publishing channels reflects our commitment to supporting the publishing industry with low cost, high return products and services.

Going from university into the ‘real’ world

Looking back (and forward!) at the transition from university to paid work. Jack’s been here for a year now and this is what he has learnt.