Evolution Education Trust

Evolution Education Trust (EET) advance public understanding and appreciation of the Theory of Evolution by funding impactful projects in education, nature conservation and human health.

The Challenge

Create a new website from the ground up. The site had to include a brand identity refresh, content structure guidance, page templates and workflows for users to manage content types effectively.

The Solution

We first refreshed the brand identity and introduced a new colour palette that dictated the design direction for the site. We held content discovery workshops that helped us create the most intuitive page templates, workflows and relationships between project and scholar content types.


Interconnect helped us prioritise our needs, shape our content strategy, design and build the website with extensive user testing. At every step, the team’s agile approach, responsiveness and resourcefulness made it particularly easy for our operational team to learn the technology in the back-end and for our Trustees to provide input to shape the design and overall feel of the website. Following the website launch, continuing support from Interconnect has been exemplary.

Catalina Amihaiesi ,


Head of Programmes and Partnerships — EET

EET brand refresh

A small rebrand for EET was influential to the rest of the site design. It helped us to establish typefaces and abstract shapes that are derived from the new logo. We stayed true to the original black and white sketches of Charles Darwin's finches for the logo, but we contrasted it with a vibrant aquamarine colour palette that characterises the Galápagos Islands.

Connecting content

By holding discovery workshops, we established the main content types and how they needed to be logically related. There is a scholars directory, each of which connects to related projects. The projects can also be searched and filtered to help users locate what they are looking for faster. News stories also have associated projects linking them.

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