Whitley Fund for Nature

Whitley Fund for Nature is a fundraising and grant-giving charity, supporting conservation leaders working across their home countries in the global South.

The Challenge

The design and creation of a fresh, vibrant marketing site, with clear messaging and seamless navigation. A refreshed brand identity and improved user experience journeys, built on our Standfirst platform.

The Solution

A seamless migration of data from the old WFN site to the powerful Standfirst platform. The design and development of a functional and flexible website that offers content management, intuitive signposting, and clear user journeys. Development of an archive page to give easy access to valuable historical content.


Streamlining content and enhancing user experience

A crucial aspect of the redesign process was establishing the main content types, prioritising hierarchy, and understanding how content related to each other. We recognised the importance of enabling users to access the most valuable content and enhanced signposting on the new site.

As part of the process we conducted comprehensive discovery workshops. These workshops revealed that certain important content was previously buried within the site. To rectify this, we devised an improved structure that effectively teases out and showcases significant information in prominent positions, creating a clear user journey.

Flexible content management

We understand that our clients, particularly busy and dynamic teams, value control over their website content. We prioritised practical functionality to allow the admin team to add and update marketing, funding, or event information at their convenience. Our Standfirst page builder tools enable easy management of module blocks directly in the CMS.

Events promotion

The charity depends on its stellar events, attended by royalty and Sir David Attenborough, to draw interest and attention to the conservation projects it supports. These events are promoted through the website, providing excellent SEO and post-event coverage. The site makes this job easy, and helps organise past and future events easily within the content management system.

Winners map

The Whitley Fund for Nature benefits from showcasing the international diversity of the projects they've supported around the world over the years. This helps funders and those seeking grants to understand the type of projects that have been funded in the past, and even where there might be gaps that can be filled. Data is, after all, king.

Working with the team at Interconnect IT was a pleasure from start to finish – I feel like they really understood our organisation and what we wanted to achieve. They went above and beyond to create a really great website that highlights what we do in a clear and engaging way. We have had so many compliments on our new website and have seen visitor numbers rise!

Lora Davies,


Communications Manager

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