Launched in 1999 as a digital community for professional marketers, Econsultancy has grown into a worldwide professional community with more than 3.8 million user interactions per month.

The Challenge

Econsultancy required a site migration from their existing Drupal website to WordPress. A new content structure to enable regional content handling and sophisticated search capabilities was requested. A Learning Management System was to be integrated into the site along with subscription management.

The Solution

Carefully planned data migration. Development to build out the core design concepts. Custom plugin development, including the development of a plugin to display and report on the contents of the attached Word and PDF files where needed. Development of a fully controlled search subsystem allowing the client to manage how search results are handled.

Search Capabilities & Dashboard

Search can often be a hard thing to implement well. On this site we provide an Elasticsearch implementation. The development of a control panel allows the editorial team full control of synonyms, stop words and other search features.

Subscription Model

Users of the Econsultancy website can access blog posts freely. Other content such as Case Studies and some articles are accessible only with a subscription. To tempt users to sign up, there is the option to start a free trial. Clear signposting is displayed to direct viewers to the subscription options. Subscriptions are managed through an integrated third party system, Abacus ADvance.

Learning Management System

This is an organisation that works across multiple locations, offering numerous courses, training and events worldwide. The site provides a way of easily displaying events and cross-marketing. It was decided the best way to develop the Learning Management System was to use the LearnDash plugin, with custom extensions. This provides a way for short courses to be offered on the site.

The key to our online transformational success at Centaur Media has been the very close and successful working partnership with Interconnect leading on digital ideas and development... a truly great team to work with.

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