Looking forward at 2020

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It’s always a good idea to look back on the past year and reflect on what we’ve achieved. 2019 was certainly a challenging year for our staff health-wise. We definitely kept the NHS busy over last year — our director David topped it all with an unexpected visit to the hospital, resulting with open-heart surgery no less. Thankfully, he’s making an excellent recovery, but it’s meant a re-evaluation of priorities and a realisation that there needs to be a sustainable and healthy work-life balance for all of us — himself included!

Standardise and organise!

As a result of David’s absence, we made quite a few changes within the management of the company, as we found ourselves unexpectedly faced with new responsibilities. It became important to standardise and organise operating practices as much as possible for continuity. It was also a brilliant opportunity to distribute responsibilities more effectively across the team. We’ve actively worked on improving our leadership, and the communication has improved between the various areas of the business as we’ve all pulled together.

New advances for Standfirst

One positive outcome of our new approach has been that the whole team have been able to take leadership in their own dedicated areas. This has led to the solid development of our products while discovering new opportunities in researching and developing new development tools. Most notably for our main Standfirst platform and sub-products; Standfirst for Alexa, Standfirst Paywall and Standfirst for Kindle.

Useful resources

We’ve been striving hard to improve accessibility and user experience through all our work. As part of this ambition, we have created a fantastic resource for our clients called ‘Help’. This contains all the user documentation for clients on our Standfirst platform. It should be a helpful resource, taking the simple idea of a user guide so much further.

A big thank you!

We’d like to thank our clients for a great year of continued business and new opportunities. Last year was one of our busiest yet, full of exciting new challenges testing our developers’ skills and expertise. I’d also like to give the whole team a big thank you for stepping up to new challenges, taking on new responsibilities and for supporting each other so well. We’re now ready to tackle 2020 with full gusto!

What does 2020 hold?

We’re really excited about our own newly designed company website. With a brand new slick design showcasing some of the talents of our Standfirst platform — we’re proud to show this off! The result of lots of hard work paying off from our team. And coming soon, we’ll be launching our new and improved Standfirst product site. This will clearly set out our Standfirst platform and all its incredible benefits, tools and features. We hope you’ll take a look and see if we can simplify your publishing needs.


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