Standfirst for Kindle

Our Kindle solution makes the production process of your e-ink periodicals faster and simpler, and your reader satisfaction even higher.

Free 3 month trial and Amazon Newsstand Assistance

We’re so confident that you’ll love Standfirst for Kindle, that you can try it with zero obligation and cost, even in a production setting, for three months. We’ll train you (it doesn’t take long) and we’ll set you up and help liaise with the Amazon Newsstand team.

Better reader experience, faster production!

Your Amazon Newsstand e-ink publication probably has hundreds or thousands of subscribers on the Kindle platform, but do they get the best possible experience? Would you like more subscribers through that channel? Would you like production time for your Kindle periodical to be typically under one hour per issue?

Standfirst is our multi-channel system for digital publishers, allowing you to aggregate, manage, create and publish content to multiple digital channels. The Kindle e-ink solution, Standfirst for Kindle, is now available and provides an elegant and easy to use service.

Key features of Standfirst for Kindle

  • A simple visual editor, with full Kindle image support
  • Drag and drop edition building for easy re-ordering
  • Support for Kindle sections
  • Table of Contents automatically generated
  • Support for cover images
  • Content import from any and multiple RSS feeds
  • Ability to handle ‘secret’ feeds with tokens
  • Robust and tested with hundreds of editions
  • Servers are manned 24hrs a day
  • Easy on-boarding due to use of familiar WordPress components

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We believe that good software can sell itself. We won’t put you through a sales process. We don’t even employ any sales people! Simply get in touch with your details. We’ll then be in touch to find out a bit more about your publication and to help get you set up. All for free. If you don’t like our service or the price, that’s fine! And if you do, then you have a better, faster, publishing solution.

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