Welcome to Grégoire – Our 2017 Summer Intern

This summer we are happy to welcome Grégoire Linot, as our 2017 Computer Science summer intern.

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Our Summer intern, GregGrégoire is a student at INSA Rennes in France, where he is studying Computer Science, with a particular interest in hyperscale systems. We distracted Greg from his summer project here at interconnect/it for ten minutes, for a quick question and answer session.

Firstly, Greg, it’s great to have you here as part of the team this summer. How did you find out about interconnect/it and what attracted you to the company?

It’s great to be here! I was looking for a summer internship and found interconnect/it through my school network. It turns out a fellow student from INSA Rennes interned here last summer.

What I like about interconnect/it is that it’s a small team where everyone knows each other. In addition to this, one of my goals is to improve my English as much as I can and doing an internship in Liverpool gives me a golden opportunity to do this.

So you are currently studying Computer Science, what do you find most enjoyable about the course?

What I find really enjoyable about the Computer Science course, is that I can apply what I have learned very easily – with just a computer I can start building things right away.

What project are you working on with us this summer?

I am working on a cross platform news application. The application will fetch data from Standfirst and display it.

And what do you hope to take away from this experience?

What I really like is that I’m working on a real project, with work tracking tools and source control software. I also have to communicate with the team, so I can really see how everything works internally.

In addition to this, I’m working with Xamarin as a development platform for the application which is new to me, so I am looking forward to learning a lot about it.

That’s great to hear. If you could use just one word to describe your experience of interning at interconnect/it, what would it be?


And finally, before we let you get back to your work, what are your future career ambitions?

I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do yet, but I am currently really interested in security and artificial intelligence, so I hope to find a job that combines those two areas.