Welcome to Sara – Our Summer Intern

This summer we are pleased to welcome Sara Elkehya as our summer intern. Sara is a first year student at the University of Liverpool, where she is studying computer science.

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Each summer we employ a summer intern. We distracted Sara from her work for a few moments to find out more about her and what advice she’d give to other young people hoping to follow a career in tech.

Firstly Sara, it’s great to have you here as part of our team this Summer! Tell our readers the back story of how you came to intern with us.

While looking for work experience a few months ago, I reached out to InnovateHer (previously Liverpool Girl Geeks) to see if they knew of any companies that offered summer internships. They were happy to help and allowed me to post on their members bulletin, where I first got in touch with Mim!

What work have you done with Liverpool Girl Geeks?

In 2016 I attended the first web development program run by InnovateHer. Throughout the sessions I was able to meet up with people my age who shared my interest in tech and with the help of Chelsea, Jo & WordPress, created my first blog.

What course are you studying and where?

I have just finished my first year of Computer Science at Liverpool University.

What do you most enjoy about the course?

I really like the range of modules that we’ve been given so far and the fact that at some point they are always related back to each other.

Any challenges?

The amount of exam materials made available to us was much less than I was used to.

What do you hope to take from your time at interconnect?

I’d like to develop my practical skills and bring a bigger project to reality from scratch.

What are you working on here?

I am currently working on putting a front end onto the company’s developer documentation with another member of the team, Claire. The idea is to make the documentation easier to navigate through.

If you could describe your internship here in one word, what would you say?


Future career aspirations?

I’m still exploring the many different areas in computer science, but I hope to contribute something to whichever field I decide to pursue.

Any advice to young people hoping to pursue a career in tech?

I would say to go out and try to get work experience as early as possible. I’ve had the chance to learn a whole host of new tools and have had the support of experienced developers along the way.