Introducing our Summer Intern: Diane Dewez

This year we are pleased to welcome Diane Dewez as our summer intern. Diane is currently a third year student at Insa Rennes in France. Here she tells us a little about her career ambitions and what she hopes to take from her internship.

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What do you enjoy most about Computer Science?

I chose this course because I’ve always been passionate about computer science. I love working on the link between the human and the machine, that’s why I’m really interested in development, user interfaces…

How did you end up at interconnect/it?

I was searching for an internship with an IT company in the UK. I found interconnect/it by chance, thanks to the Liverpool Science Park website. It was perfect because interconnect/it is a small but growing company, which specialises in development but also does design, so the work is always focused on the final user.

What are you working on at interconnect/it?

My main project is to integrate together the systems used by interconnect/it. At the moment I’m trying to fetch information from the main software used, Fogbugz, to create a database.

How have you found the experience so far?

I’ve been here two weeks and am working on a very interesting project, which makes me use my knowledge in development and learn. For the moment it’s perfect.

What do you expect to get out of the internship?

This internship is a chance for me to work on a real project during my studies. I want to create something completely working. I hope this internship will help me to reinforce my knowledge in computer science, increase it and give me confidence in my abilities.

How about your future career ambitions?

I don’t really know for the moment in which domain of IT I will work. I like development, but also everything which is linked to user experience, like the virtual reality. I’d like to become a project leader, since it’s the best way to see projects in their totality.