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An experiment in shareable content commissioned by The Telegraph Sport. The vision was to broaden the paper's audience, through savvy design, targeting mobile devices and providing easily shareable content.

The Challenge

We were approached by the team at the Telegraph about a new secret project they were hoping to develop in time for the World Cup. Their vision was for an experimental website to be highly mobile-friendly and easily sharable, to extend their user audience.

The Solution

The project started with an all-day discovery workshop where we offered project consultation and a platform review. The team at the Telegraph required a very short turnaround of just under one month. Full design and development including project management and post-live support were provided.

Mobile friendly

The site has been designed with the mobile user in mind and features infinite scrolling, a simple layout and is fully responsive. The layout was kept clean, simple and content centred and as such there are just three main pages — ‘All’, ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Quizzes’. Other details such as ‘About’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ are found by clicking the hamburger menu in the top left of the header. The desktop version of the site is the same as the mobile version, just larger.

Social media friendly

As a social media orientated site, BABB intentionally has a rather different feel to the main Telegraph site. The aim was to attract those who wouldn’t normally think to head to the Telegraph football pages, with the aim of broadening The Telegraph's audience. The site mainly comprises of images, YouTube clips and quizzes. Each post is easily shareable to social media via a share option below each post.


The site has received tweaking and experimentation post launch as part of user testing. By carrying out variant testing, we have been able to see the effects of various elements being changed — some minor, and others quite substantial.

Read more in the back end development case study.

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