Business Traveller Club

A discounts and offers platform for offering added value to subscribers and readers, and an additional revenue stream for the business.

The Challenge

Business Traveller required a way of adding value to their subscription offerings, along with a way to easily manage the partner offers they could give. Simple to use, this platform would reveal offers to logged in users and Club specific subscribers through integration with the Engine Shed CRM.

The Solution

We developed a new platform to allow for easy management of offers. This can be styled up to match the branding of any organisation. In this case there was custom branding specific for The Club, which was applied to this project. We delivered a complete solution built with PHP on the Laravel framework, with additional work to integrate to Engine Shed, as used by Business Traveller for subscription management.


We took design cues from a simple branding guide provided by the publisher, and then researched use cases for voucher schemes available elsewhere in order to create a simple and fast to use system.

Back-end administration

We built a back-end system for managing content and offers quickly and easily by the Business Traveller team. The system allows for a number of different offer types such as voucher codes, discount links, and email forms. All offers have start and end dates and are automatically added to or removed from the site according to their activity status.

Using familiar structures, the training to the team was kept down to a short one hour session on delivery, and a set of documentation available online to act as a guide for users. The platform has been extremely low cost in maintenance and support ever since its inception.

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