Marketing Week

Marketing Week has been at the centre of the marketing industry for more than 40 years. Providing award-winning content and provoking debate about the biggest questions in marketing.

The Challenge

Migration from the existing Webvision platform to WordPress. Over 70,000 posts had to be migrated and restructured into new data patterns. A sophisticated registration wall and access management integration were also required.

The Solution

We developed custom scripts to handle the migration, which was carefully managed and tested. Access management and direct marketing systems were also integrated to increase customer engagement. We created a system for co-branded white papers, and working with their design team we built out the site based on the core design patterns.

Interconnect have not only become key to development releases but are relied upon as our subject matter experts and consultants. A truly great team to work with.

Website migration

A key part of this project was handling the data migration from Webvision to WordPress. Not only were the data patterns completely different, but there was a content archive of over 70,000 posts spanning more than a decade. We used our in-house custom developed scripts as part of the solution to deliver this crucial aspect of the project.

Navigation and header

The first version of the site incorporated a sliding navigation panel. The design team at Marketing Week were keen for this to be located on the right of the page. This caused a few interesting rendering problems in iOS, which was a challenge to get right. Subsequent versions of the site have removed this feature, with the Centaur design team now favouring a more traditional static navigation bar.

Piano Implementation

We developed a sophisticated registration wall to integrate with the Centaur’s corporate Piano implementation. This allows for additional information gathering and behaviour tracking and has improved conversions and subscriptions across the Xeim portfolio of products.

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