Anthony Casey

Lover of tea, good beer (#alelog), typography, football, and clean layouts. Anthony joined us at the beginning of 2013 and has the job of making the company’s design stand out around the world. As Senior Designer, he has been instrumental in the evolution of The Spectator’s online design language, the re-design of Apollo Magazine, WORKTECH Academy, and many other projects.

Our lead designer has some thoughts on why the publishing industry has a tough time getting people to pay for content.

Anyone who writes code quickly learns what works for them and what feels comfortable. Personal expression is fine in isolation, but when it comes to working in teams, you need a system everyone can understand..

Our website has been on our list of things to do for as long as I have been at the company. I joined in January 2013. Finally we’ve had the opportunity to show it some love.

Our Senior Designer, Anthony Casey, looks at why you want your site to be more 60s Dieter Rams Braun, than 90s Aiwa.

Our Lead designer, Anthony Casey, discusses the redesign of The Spectator website and ponders on some of the main decisions made from a front-end, design perspective.