Creative Process, Liverpool


We sponsor and support Creative Process, a small, but friendly and fun evening occasional mini-conference that’s held at Elevator Bar in Liverpool. The great and the good of the Liverpool web and creative industry were out in force at last night’s event.

Speakers were a wonderfully varied bunch – Will Daw talked about jokes and the creative force behind his illustrations, Gemma Germains talked about vaginas, Pete Carr told us about how he changed from a process led photographer into a truly wonderful street photographer, and last but not least, the well known designer Elliot Jay Stocks went through responsive web design and how we get our clients to understand and accept it as the natural way to design on the web.

Gemma opened the evening making sure that a substantial proportion of the audience shifted uncomfortably in their seats. I’m not squeamish, and it didn’t bother me in the least. It was also very funny. I’m not sure what was funnier though – the talk or some of the reactions.

DSCF0836 (Large)
Eyes widening during Gemma’s slideshow…

The evening then progressed, finishing off with The Uke Hunters. Suited and booted, they looked and sounded awesome. Popular songs rendered through the ever happy twangs of the Ukelele. What’s not to like?

I’m going to leave it at that – Robert and Greg did a great job last night of making it all work. The food (we sponsored that, didja know?) was good, the beer tasty, and the environment suitably bobo (boho?) for the audience. It’s not easy putting on an event for what will always be a tricky audience of geeks and designers.

I leave you now with some photos. I’d like to make excuses about the lighting and the difficulty of getting good shots in the dark, only ever shooting at F2. When Rob has processed his shots he’ll pop them on as well. I just shove mine straight out of the camera and onto the website. Rob’s pictures will probably look better, but at least you can see mine already!


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