And so I depart…

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On the 5th August it will be my last day at interconnect/it before I disappear to have my little bundle of crying and pooping joy.

This blog post has been written with the purpose of both introducing myself (even if it only to say goodbye for now!) but to also show my appreciation of the great people here at interconnect/it and hopefully also providing my replacement with an idea about what he is getting himself into!

A little bit about me

I started at ICIT back in April 2010, working for free on a few Saturdays to basically get a little experience of how to run an office. I had known Dave from our local badminton club and I was stuck in a job I hated and wanted to try my hand at something totally different. I started by helping Dave to get a bit of organisation to the filing cabinet and the accounts. This began with several trips to the local stationary shop for a big pile of ringbinders and dividers! Dave must have been impressed with my organisation skills, as he soon decided to offer me a part time administrator role for 2 days a week. This suited me down to the ground!

My hours increased in January 2011 as Dave’s time became more occupied with gaining and maintaining our clients and providing project management as our work stacked up. I have taken on more responsibility this year for managing the accounts and the other day to day running of the business.

Typical isn’t it that just as my work gets better and more interesting, with the probability of more hours – I disappear to have a baby! Ah well… I shall be back after my maternity leave, probably very tired, but with more experience of the good things in life (I hope – unless baby is an absolute terror) which will hopefully give me more skills and make me new and improved when I return!

A little bit about the company

The company has changed a lot since April 2010. When I started, there was simply Dave, James and Peter. The office was small – just 3 desks; and with Peter and I sharing a desk. We worked on different days of the week so there were only ever 3 of us in at any one time. Only a few months before this, there was simply Dave and James.

Shortly after my arrival, we expanded, taking on Rob as another developer in June 2010. This increase in size meant we had outgrown our current office and so moved in July, downstairs to a larger office which seemed cavernous at first!

The company has continued to change and develop: This year we said goodbye to Peter in February and welcomed another new developer – Tom in May, who has settled in as a great member of the team. And we are now taking on a new temporary administrator as I depart for my maternity leave.

Dave is considering the possibility of expansion again to another larger office as we take on more work, new clients and lots of new projects. It is good to notice that a lot of our latest work has come about because we have been recommended in the industry. One of our larger client’s have many different divisions and we have gained a lot of business from their recommendations, so we must be doing something right. A busy time is ahead for all, especially for Dave as he is expecting his second baby shortly after me in October.

A word to my replacement

In my experience, after working in different places and feeling like I worked very hard with little or no recognition, this company makes me feel like a valued member of staff and to me that is of great significance. This is a job I don’t mind getting up for on a Monday morning and I hope you settle in as well as I did.

Please keep everything tidy and organised.. I’ll be coming back to check!