Dropdown Menus Plugin for WordPress

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I’ve been enjoying the WordCamp event down in Portsmouth immensely this weekend. It’s always good to catch up with folks I know and meeting folks I didn’t know like those very sound chaps from humanmade.

To get to the point of this blog post though I have written a plugin in response to a comment made by Rachel McCollin during her talk on WordPress and Mobile.

When designing for small screens every pixel counts. One of the common difficulties we face as web designers is how to reduce the amount of pixels some large (or potentially large) constructs like menus take up. One solution is to use a dropdown menu. For example in a responsive design like that seen on or at smaller screen sizes the more traditional menu of links is replaced by a dropdown.

Rachel’s point was that there isn’t an easy way to make a menu that you manage via the admin panel into a dropdown. Because I’ve worked a lot recently with custom menu walkers I decided that it should be and couldn’t help myself…

So, here it is. A plugin that provides an alternative function to wp_nav_menu(); that will output the menu as a dropdown and also provides a widget that can be dropped into a widget space.

There are likely to be a few improvements and tweaks that can be made to awesome it up a bit but if nothing else it’s a start. You can find the dropdown menus plugin in the WordPress repository here. Hope it comes in handy for some of you.

To use it you either use the function dropdown_menu() in place of wp_nav_menu() or use the widget provided with the plugin.