Better publishing for The New Statesman's Kindle Edition


Adding The New Statesman to our portfolio of users was a great honour. This venerable magazine was founded in 1913 and has been providing political commentary in the UK since then.

The Problem

The New Statesman approached us because of problems with their old Kindle for Periodicals system. It was clunky, slow and painful. It didn’t support cover images, the table of contents couldn’t be controlled, there was no support for content images, and the overall experience of building an edition was slow.

The Solution

Normally now, we’d describe a lengthy approach to developing a custom solution, because that’s what we do a lot of. However, with Standfirst we have been building out a suite of tools to make the lives of our publishing customers easier. Standfirst for Kindle is the very first product. It has been used for years by The Spectator for their e-ink publishing, and although we offered it as a product, it was only for established customers. We now offer it to any Kindle publisher who needs to improve their Kindle publishing workflow.

At The New Statesman, a custom RSS feed was provided from their CMS with all their latest magazine content included. This is automatically captured by Standfirst and made available for editing. The production assistant then arranges the articles as appropriate for the Kindle edition using our simple drag and drop interface. Our product page shows you more.

The New Statesman Kindle cover


Reports from the New Statesman have been very happy, with production time for an edition reduced to under one hour, resulting in an excellent return on investment. Not only that, but user satisfaction is higher and the overall experience is much more polished.

If you want to know more, our product page tells you what you need to know, but the best news is that you can try the service entirely free, for up to three months.

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