Marketing Week

Marketing Week is a London based magazine, publishing news stories and opinion from the world of marketing.

First launched in 1978, Marketing Week has forged a reputation as the ‘go to’ place for news and resources on all things marketing.

Visit the site at to take a look for yourself.

Image shows the Marketing Week Home page


  • Data migration from Webvision to WordPress
  • Creation of a sophisticated registration wall
  • Responsive theme development


  • Development of a sophisticated WordPress theme
  • Integration of access management and direct marketing systems
  • Development of a system for co-branded white papers
  • Plugin development
  • User training
  • Ongoing user support

Project Background

We were awarded the contract from Centaur Media to migrate a number of their websites to WordPress mid 2014 and Marketing Week was the first website we worked on as part of this contract – launching in late 2014.

To keep things looking fresh, there have been a number of revisions to the site since the first launch date.

Image shows the Marketing Week Home page

Data migration from Webvision to WordPress

A key part of this project was handling the data migration from Webvision to WordPress. Not only were the data patterns completely different, but there was a content archive of over 70,000 posts spanning more than a decade.

We used our in-house developed scripts to assist with this crucial aspect of the project.

Image shows the Most Popular articles

Registration wall

One of the features we developed for the Marketing Week site was the creation of a registration wall. Access to read an article on the Marketing Week site can only be gained by registering your details. This hooked into the CRM system in use at the publisher and allows for additional information gathering where required, for example for White Paper downloads which are offered freely but are high value.

Image shows the login screen

Navigation and header

The first version of the site incorporated a sliding navigation panel. The design team at Marketing Week were keen for this to be located on the right of the page, something which caused a few interesting rendering problems in iOS. Although fixing this set us back a few days, the results were well worth the effort. Subsequent versions of the site have removed this feature, with the Centaur design team now favouring a more traditional static navigation bar.

Image shows a Marketing Week article

Post Launch

Looking back at this project, it is easy for us to say that the clients were a real pleasure to work with. They had clearly defined outputs for the project, understood the pressures and strains of a web development firm and they provided information and assistance on their side whenever necessary. Overall we are very happy with the build, but don’t just take our word for it – head over to the Marketing Week site to take a look for yourself.