Project Babb for The Telegraph

Commissioned by The Telegraph Sport in mid 2014, Project Babb is an experiment in shareable content designed to broaden the paper's audience and create highly shareable content on mobile devices.

This was our latest work with the Telegraph following our previous work with The Telegraph Blogs & My Telegraph.

Image shows the Project Babb Home page


  • Mobile friendly design
  • Very short completion deadline
  • Social media friendly


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Project consultation

Project Background

We were approached by the team at the Telegraph in March 2014 about a new secret project they were hoping to develop in time for the 2014 World Cup. After an initial platform review and an all day discovery workshop at our office in Liverpool Science Park, we set to work to deliver the site in the very short time-frame of just under one month.

Image shows the Quiz page

Mobile Friendly

The site has been designed with the mobile user in mind and as such features infinite scrolling, a simple layout and is fully responsive. It was considered important to keep the layout clean, simple and content centred and as such there are just three main pages – ‘All’, ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Quizzes’. Other details such as ‘About’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ are found by clicking the hamburger menu in the top left of the header. Incidentally, the desktop version of the site is exactly the same as the mobile version – you see exactly the same as you do on a mobile, only larger.

Image shows the Most Popular page

Social Media Friendly

As well as being mobile friendly, the site is also social media friendly. Babb intentionally has a rather different feel to the main Telegraph site, with the intention of attracting those who wouldn’t normally think to head to the Telegraph football pages. The site mainly comprises of images, YouTube clips and quizzes, with each post easily shareable to social media via a share option below each post.

Image shows the expanded hamburger menu


One important part of the site’s ongoing development has been that instead of being a single shot development, the site has received considerable tweaking and experimentation since launch. By carrying out variant testing, we’ve been able to see the effects of various elements being changed – some minor, and others quite substantial. For example, it was interesting for us to realise that “MOAR? Tap here!” substantially outperformed the phrase “Read more…”.

Image shows the Project Babb Home page

Every Page is a Landing Page

Arguably one of the most interesting elements of the site was that each post was treated as a landing page, meaning that infinite scroll leads you on to subsequent posts. This works effectively with both mobile and desktop users and increases the time spent on the site for social visitors, who would often be little more than momentary drive-by readers.

Post Launch

This was an interesting site build for a number of reasons. Not only was the site developed to be temporary, but we were required to develop it to a very tight timescale. The site was launched on time and proved popular with football fans – so much so that the site remained live for a number of months after the World Cup. Overall, we are very pleased with this project and the reception it received.

You can read more about this project in this case study post by the lead developer on the build, Robert O’Rourke.