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The Spectator is one of the world’s oldest continuously published magazines and the UK’s leading and most respected political and lifestyle magazine. Published since 1828 it has a rich history and tradition in print media and is now seeking to extend its online presence into the future with a long-term partnership with interconnect/it.

Services Provided

  1. WordPress powered Blogs and Magazine
  2. Traffic capability over 1,000,000 page views per day
  3. Kindle for Periodicals support
  4. Partner with PugPig for tablet applications
  5. ‘Leaky’ Paywall using Dovetail subscriber management
  6. Huge range of functionality
  7. Full time development
  8. Automated Mailchimp Newsletter integration via API
  9. Numerous workflow enhancements
  10. Issue handling for periodical publishing online
  11. Ongoing platform management and support

A Broad Function Publishing Platform

The Spectator - Kindle Edition
The Spectator – Kindle Edition

As publishing moves towards a digital first outlook, it’s important that providers such as ourselves understand the many complex needs of the mixed format publisher. A website alone isn’t enough. Consequently the site also publishes to Kindle for Periodicals, Apple Newstand, Kindle Fire, the web, and via daily newsletters delivered via email and application.

All this means a lot of work for The Spectator’s relatively small production team, so it’s important that we build everything with their time in mind. The Kindle plugin we’ve developed has the simplicity of drag and drop management. The newsletter functionality means that editors need to enter copy into one place and one place only, with a web version available for use within the Spectator’s iOS application. Simple, quick, efficient. Oh, and cost effective too – we’re still in a recession at the time of writing and value for money is always a concern!

Traffic Boosts

Within six months of engaging with interconnect/it The Spectator had it’s two busiest days ever. The magazine has since had many other busy days. Handling, at times, a million or more page views a day hasn’t been a problem and uptime has been maintained even after featuring prominently on Reddit and The Drudge Report.

The traffic improvements have continued and, although we can’t divulge figures, we can say that due to improved SEO and the ongoing commitment from the magazine’s digital team, the website has more than doubled traffic since they joined our client list.

Paywall Technology

The paywall is a ‘leaky’ paywall designed to allow through search engines and ‘browsing’ visitors. A human visitor will, after an editorially decided number of visits, be presented with an offer to subscribe and won’t be able to read more content.

This allows the magazine to benefit from the positive marketing affects of social linking whilst still being able to protect the perceived value of the website’s content.

Since the successful implementation of the website, The Spectator has continued to invest in its platform with interconnect/it – this has resulted in Press Holdings as a group making further investments digitally through us – expanding the website as well as designing and building sites such as Apollo Magazine’s new blog and Agenda service.

Going Forward

Since The Spectator was first added to our portfolio in 2013, the site received a full redesign in 2015. You can read more about our work from a front end design perspective here.

Laurie Chandler

Laurie Chandler

Laurie joined our team back in 2010, when we were still a very small company. As Office Manager, Laurie can generally be found looking after the accounts, HR and ensuring everything runs smoothly in the office. Outside work, Laurie enjoys running and spending time with her two little boys. She has a vital role at interconnect/it, helping to swing the balance between geek and normality!