James R Whitehead

James is a hard-working hardcore developer who is more than happy to reinvent the wheel, except this time it’ll have spokey dokeys and reflectors built in! He also doesn’t like social media or having his picture taken but we got him in the end. Much of the core tech behind interconnect/it has either been developed by James, or he had a hand in making it robust and reliable.

WordPress 3.0 Multisite With Multiple Domains Setup. This article is written for 3.0 alpha, as of the current build on 19th March 2010.

If you ever feel like you want to change the source of the news items on the wordpress dashboard (Not wordpress.com, sorry if I got your hopes up there) here is how to do it.

Restricting the ability to sign up to new wpmu blogs is unfortunate but necessary to get away from all the spam bloggers out there. They make life hell for everyone.

The following is the basic procedure for installing Wordpress mu with more than one domain name, so that you only need one install to control several domains.