MyEyesAreUpHere for better thumbnails in WordPress

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Meet Ethel. She has a problem. She’s fed up of crops that don’t focus on her gorgeous, gorgeous eyes. In a tall full body shot, WordPress thumbnails show nothing other than her belt. In a photo like this one, a square WordPress thumbnail just shows half her face.

That’s plain wrong. So imagine her delight when she discovered MyEyesAreUpHere at Github (don’t download the zip from there – Github handles externals badly) which means that she no longer has to put with terrible crops on her website. Her travel blog now has features of her looking magnificent in many beautiful locations and in all places on her site – her front page, her category views… everywhere!

Here’s an example of how it all goes wrong:

So all Ethel has to do is to add a hotspot, or use the face detection feature when editing the media file:

And hey presto, the cropped thumbnail now looks like this:

So, you can grab a copy from, or install it from within WordPress, go to GitHub and contribute… or you can live on with dodgy crops! But Ethel won’t be happy…