Spots, Discussion & Auditor Updates

Development Plugins
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We’ve recently released several updates to the Discussion & Auditor plugins, v1.1.3, v2.2.1 & v1.4.3 respectively.

Comment Moderation Tools

Changes to Spots

  • Embedded Spots and Spot widgets now have edit buttons when hovering over them for logged in users
  • Cache timing can now be modified via a new settings page
  • By default single spot pages are now no longer indexed by Search engines ( prevents Spots outranking the pages they’re embedded in ). This can be turned off in settings.
  • Rewrite flushing bug fixed
  • Fixed icon stretching on retina screens
  • Spot templates now support the 3.4+ Theme API

Changes to Discussion

  • Front end, inline moderation with Live Discussion support
  • Users able to moderate comments, now see all unapproved comments on the frontend, not just their own
  • A new Comment Moderator user role for frontend moderation
  • Spelling corrections & header assets

Changes To The Auditor

  • Additional helper functions for debugging
  • WP_Error objects are now translated into human readable form when passed as payloads for events
  • Buttons added for wiping clean logs
  • Internal streamlining and performance improvements
  • Bugfixes for filters under certain early conditions
  • Additional documentation

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