WordPress in Big Media (featuring The Telegraph)

Development News

Often, it’s forgotten that WordPress can be used on very busy, dynamic sites with lots of contributors.  Although it has relatively humble blogging origins there’s no reason why it can’t be made to scale.  If you’re running a media group, WordPress can be a fantastic solution for publishing a lot of content with minimal overheads, low training costs and quick implementations – especially if you’re using the interconnect/it toolset.

In the second half of the presentation, Adrian McShane, who then worked at The Telegraph, presents about his work on the WordPress related projects there, the challenges they encountered and how they made things happen.

Please note – the video can take a while to get started.


PS. Since 2010 I’ve discovered the benefits of a hair trimmer, and I’ve learned a lot about creating engaging presentations that don’t go off on quite so many tangents. Nobody’s yet filmed any of my Skittle throwing moments, but I’ll be speaking at WordCamp Edinburgh UK 2012 – so why not come along, get free sweets, and enjoy the show?