NATS Launches Corporate Site on WP Platform

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The NATS home page in all its glory.

Our erstwhile contractor, Stephen Sandison, who carries out our functions at NATS, has been busily involved in the launch of their lovely new WordPress site.

The site was designed in-house, with Stephen building the plugins and making sure that all the clever bits worked well together.  A great example of how the WordPress platform can work with complex corporate sites.  It’s amazing how many people still view it as simply another blogging platform when, these days, it’s proven to be a powerful content management system capable of delivering a wide range of sites.

A lot of the motivation at NATS had been to ensure that it was possible to develop a site with the capability to scale up to meet peak demands during crises such as happened in 2010 during the Icelandic volcano incident.  With WordPress NATS can be sure that the broad support and depth of knowledge behind the platform means that the site can be well cared for going into the future.

Officially not an interconnect/it project, as it was managed in-house with an embedded contractor, but I’d like to make sure that Steve gets the credit he deserves – hence the mention on here.  Well done Steve and the NATS team – especially Matt.

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