Chris McInerney

Chris McInerney
Chris joined us as project manager in June 2014, bringing experience in branding, print and web projects, over a career spanning twenty years. He has been key in delivering new websites for Catholic Herald, Worktech and NATS. When he's not involved with client work, he's part of the team looking after our marketing and branding. Outside work, Chris can usually be found running around in the name of keep fit. Often it's just him chasing after his pet dog, Charlie. Chris is also an avid watcher of Liverpool FC, mostly from his armchair, although he tells us he occasionally makes the trip to Anfield.

It’s a proud feeling for us when clients do well. Even better when they are on a list of top performers in the publishing sector. We’re passionate about developing for the publishing industry and love seeing our clients doing well.

Since the relaunch of the new Marketing Week site, it looks like it’s been turning heads, again. This time winning an award!

I think many of us in the industry have only a vague idea what the term User Experience means. So it’s about time we took a look at the whole UX thing and the mystery surrounding it.

We feel it’s important to stay up to date with the latest industry best practice. Last month we headed to NUX5 to hear from our industry’s opinion leaders on the subject of user experience.

We recommend every project we undertake contains some aspect of ‘discovery’. Read on to find out more about this important part of any project we undertake at interconnect/it.

Given that a lot of our clients are in the publishing industry, we thought it would be useful to talk about some of the differences between print and web design. Take a peek to find out more.