Welcome to Gianluigi and fun karting again!

At the beginning of March we said goodbye to Matt and hello to Gianluigi! We wish Matt the best of luck with his new endeavours.

The team after another close race The team after another close race

After travelling many miles from Sicily, Gianluigi is now getting himself settled here in Liverpool. He’s already starting to test his skills by working on some of our client’s sites.

We scheduled our latest teambuilding event following Gianluigi’s arrival, and had a really good time! So I thought I would post some pictures from our latest visit to TeamSport Karting in Liverpool.

Dave and Chris managed to get a podium finish again, with Ant joining them this time. A great time was had by all, and Gianluigi told me he really enjoyed his first time racing. This was also Barry’s first time joining us at the karting track.

Gianluigi joins the team Gianluigi joins the team

I’d really recommend karting as a great teambuilding activity. It’s quite hard work, with all the steering and being thrown around the kart (obviously depending a lot on your driving style)! But you always have a great time, just feel a little achy afterwards. There’s always lots of fun discussing strategies, and the competitive nature of the race always appeals to me and a few others I think!