We’re Moving!

After nearly three years at the offices in Slater Street, we’ve reached the stage where we need better, more professional facilities than those offered by simple office rent.

Slater Street is a characterful place in the middle of Liverpool’s Artistic Quarter. It also has lots of bars and some amazing people. But with that comes noise, occasional mess, and relatively few facilities.

Liverpool Science Park Innovation Centre 2
Liverpool Science Park Innovation Centre 2

Liverpool Science Park

So, to celebrate our continued growth, to give us quieter on-site training facilities, conference facilities and a stronger infrastructure, we’ve made the decision to move into Liverpool Science Park, Innovation Centre 2.  This will give us high quality, flexible office infrastructure, access to Liverpool University’s expertise, and much more besides.

The Future

This is all a part of plans for the company.  Interconnect IT has had a successful 2009, with a growth in revenues anticipated to be approximately 75% over 2008 and the same growth for the 2010 financial year.  We have established ourselves firmly in the News & Media sectors with clients such as Informa Group and Telegraph Media Group.  We are also growing our Intranet business and developing new intranet technologies to help business improve their internal communications.

Our success means we need more space, more people and more ancillary services such as a staffed reception, on-site training and conference facilities, modern phone system and more.  Liverpool Science Park provides this, along with excellent business support facilities.  That coupled with being able to work closely with other leading technology companies in Liverpool gives us a very bright outlook even in these difficult times.

David Coveney, Director.

David Coveney

David Coveney

Dave has been working in software development since 1988, starting with payroll development and then ERP consultancy for large corporates. He is a keen traveller, photographer and motorsport enthusiast, but now puts family first as he’s massively in love with his two little boys. Dave is still an early adopter. He was connected to the internet from his bedroom, way back in the eighties, had a personal website by 1994, was into the connected house in the late '90s, a smartphone by 2002, and a was the first in the office with a fitness tracker.

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