Team Building: A Day of Culture

As a bit of a change to the usual action-packed teambuilding adventures, I thought it might be interesting to go on a more slow-paced, ‘cultural’ tour around our local city of Liverpool.

There are a few members of the team who are quite new to the area, and we thought this would be a good opportunity for them to explore the local surroundings of our amazing city. Also, some of our more local members of staff had never explored these places either!

The entrance to the Williamson Tunnels visitor centre.
The entrance to the Williamson Tunnels visitor centre.

We started the day with hard hats on a tour around the Williamson Tunnels, which are only a short 10 minute walk from our Liverpool Science Park office. We learned about the fascinating history of Joseph Williamson and the mysterious tunnels that lie beneath Edge Hill. Who would have known that such extensive tunnels are right below our feet?

The team on a tour of the Williamson Tunnels
The team engrossed in the Williamson Tunnels tour.

Our next stop was the magnificent Liverpool Cathedral which is simply enormous! It was impressive to see the architecture on such a grand scale.

The views we had from the top of the tower were spectacular. We spent a long while at the top, taking in the breath-taking views, taking photos and pointing out distant landmarks to each other.

The view from the top of Liverpool Anglican cathedral, looking towards the Mersey estuary.
The view from the top of Liverpool Anglican cathedral, looking towards the Mersey estuary.

Lunch (and energy after all that walking and climbing!) was provided at MeetFrank. We enjoyed an awesome hotdog lunch with delicious sharer fries at our final destination; Ghetto Golf.

We ended our day with a rather unusual round of crazy golf in the incredible surroundings of the graffitied old Cains Brewery. Some of the holes were rather bizarre, and some were downright disturbing – haha! All in all, a good day of team building and getting to know our local area was had by all.

The team with a pile of hotdogs!
Hotdogs and sharer fries for all, at Meet Frank.
Laurie Chandler

Laurie Chandler

Laurie became part of our team back in 2010, when we were still a very small company. As Office Manager, Laurie can generally be found looking after the accounts, HR and ensuring everything runs smoothly in the office. Outside work, Laurie enjoys spending time with her two little boys and is a keen member of her local running club, having completed a number of half marathons.

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