The Cheshire Cat Bug


This is an interesting one that’s just come up while we were testing the new version of Search Replace DB. I’m calling it the Cheshire Cat Bug because when I found it I was using a smiling cat.

Hello Alice.

Basically on my various MySQL installs if I use a three byte Unicode value for an icon like ? it and the content after it gets disappeared. In fact, even switching to the visual editor just mullered this post.

It’s not WordPress that has the problem, but MySQL. I’ll research the problem thoroughly with some tests and some Googling when I get a bit of time, but if you have any ideas, do let me know!

David Coveney

David Coveney

Dave has been working in the IT industry since forever, starting with payroll development and ERP consultancy for large corporates. He is a keen traveller, photographer and motorsport enthusiast, but now puts family first as he’s in love with his two little boys. Dave’s job title is “Director” which in a small company is another way of saying that he does all the things that developers hate to do, like account management, sales and so on. He’s usually complaining about being busy and has heard of “inbox zero” but believes it to be little more than a concept.

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  1. Already, I think this has some answers: Will have to look at this more thoroughly when I have a chance. It does indicate how tricky some elements of computing can get!

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