WordPress Website in a Day

Do you want to get your business online? Maybe you run a small business, club or organisation that needs to be on the web. Does the template website, that you got for free, look a bit tatty and, well, ‘templatey’? Is it time to get serious about your website without spending a serious amount of money?

Our training facilities are comfortable, with a laptop for each attendee.

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Who should attend?

WordPress Website in a Day gives you the skills you need to build your website quickly and efficiently. You will learn the principles of building and promoting WordPress websites, through practical, hands-on activities. And you’ll finish the day with a workable website, and all the resources you need to develop the website yourself in the future.

Ideal for small business owners, sole traders, entrepreneurs, charity administrators, and people who need full control over their online presence. It is also suitable for sports clubs, churches, campaign groups, artists, community organisations, bands – and anyone else who wants to look good on the internet.

WordPress novices welcome

No experience of building, creating, designing or running websites, or WordPress, is necessary. All we assume is that you are familiar with computers and websites, as a user. That being said, this is a fairly intensive course so please come prepared for some serious learning.

Course Overview

On the day you’ll discover how to:
Navigate and use the Dashboard, where all WordPress functions are controlled
Develop your site – publishing posts, pages, images, videos, and testimonials
Customise your site using WordPress themes and simple design tricks
Plan essential pages, categories and tags
Create Google-friendly content, structures, and links
Manage image galleries and portfolios
Improve functionality and usability with plug-ins and services
Add widgets, contact forms, embedded maps and more
Read the detailed course programme

By the end of the course you will be able to create engaging, fully-featured WordPress websites, with confidence.

You’ll also take home a memory stick, containing:
All course materials
Our comprehensive, 90 page, WordPress User Guide
A list of resources to help you take your WordPress website to the next level
A copy of the site that you build on the day, including our specifically developed WordPress theme

You will be working on a laptop with a local installation of WordPress – this means that you can play around with your site, and tinker to your heart’s content, without worrying that the whole internet can see what you are working on.

The course is task led, with group activities and close supervision.

Courses run regularly at our offices in Central Liverpool.