Performance Profiler

With sadness, we have decided to withdraw this plugin from sale.

Unfortunately, the days for this plugin are over. Finished. It is no more, unless you’re profiling something running on an older server running PHP 5.3 – PHP 5.6. But because of the cost of covering support enquiries about compatibility we’ve decided not to make it available any more even for older PHP installs. Sadly, people didn’t always read the compatibility notices.

This page has been left here in order to help people coming through search engine results.

Why don’t we rewrite it? Well, two things, really. Firstly, it’s not possible to rewrite the plugin to work in the same way under PHP 7. Essentially, a bug in PHP allowed ticks to be measured outside of the scope of a class. In theory this could present a (small) security leak. This was fixed in PHP 7. What we didn’t realise when using this method was that it was essentially dependent on a bug.

To profile fully can only then be done with a lot of calls to hooks, which means we can’t really give deep insight into plugin performance any more, because we can’t support every plugin out there. We recommend Andrey Savchenko’s wonderful tool, Laps, which does its best there and you can extend it easily for your own use, but there’s no simple drop-in profiler that can now do all that our profiler did other than the more fundamental tools that require server level installation. For that you can use tools like Xdebug, Blackfire.io and New Relic. I’d recommend them all, in their own ways, but none work in that easy to install onto commodity hosting way that our profiler did.

But there is no answer. We cannot bring it back unless PHP offer some built-in tool in the future that helps out and which can be used even in a production context when debugging performance issues.

There are a couple of secondary issues too – because of the lack of PHP 7 support, our own support costs had been rising when buyers found out. Yes, it’s all over the page, but people don’t always read. On top of that, as a lot of sales are to consumers, it adds to our VAT tax reporting burden. Sales to the EU and to US were easy for us to handle, but EU sales could soon be very difficult due to Brexit, and sales to some third countries could soon prove problematic without using an intermediary. And to use that intermediary would add costs for something that brings in relatively little revenue anyway and which is doomed as a long-term product anyway.

So we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who purchased the plugin, to our friends who often promoted, and to all those who gave us praise over the years.

What did it do?

What was it?

A plugin by interconnect/it developed to measure the performance of your WordPress site.