What’s SWIG?

On the last Thursday evening of the month, we hold a free event for those interested in WordPress and general Web Design & Development. We talk about what's been happening, give talks, and ask for help, followed by drinks and food at a local pub.

The SWIG meeting room is on the first floor of the Liverpool Science Park (meeting room 3, up the stairs to the first floor once you enter the building, through the propped open door and 2 rooms down).

If you’d like to do a talk then get in touch! It doesn’t strictly have to be about WordPress, so talks on design, copywriting, marketing, case studies or just fun web stuff are all fair game.

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We’ve cancelled SWIG. For the moment.

We’ve cancelled SWIG. For the moment.

SWIG needs to have a rest now. It’s gone quiet, and we need to regroup and see how to make it the big success it’s been in the past. We’d love to know your ideas in the comments section…

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