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The Challenge

Migration of a very large amount of data from WebMatrix to WordPress. Faceted search, with good control. Design & development based on static design concepts. A paywall block that integrates to Abacus ADvance.

The Solution

Custom scripts to handle the migration. Interactive UX from flat design concepts. Implementation of paywall support to integrate with ADvance CRM. Elasticsearch features integrated full support for synonyms and abbreviations, as controlled by the client

Interconnect are relied upon as our subject matter experts and consultants. A truly great team to work with.

Migration to WordPress

When moving from one CRM platform to another, a key part of the project is always going to be handling the data migration. This time we were migrating from Webvision to WordPress. The Lawyer website contains a particularly large amount of content going back many years, adding a high-risk factor to the migration process. We used our in-house developed scripts as part of the solution to deliver this crucial aspect of the project.

Market reports

A key client requirement was the availability of reports available to purchase. Utilising the latest technology, all of The Lawyer reports are now available to buy through the Market Reports page on the site.

Subscriber content

Users of The Lawyer website can access a set number of news posts freely. Wider content, such as breaking news and commentary are available through a paid subscription. To tempt users to sign up, there is the option to register for free on the site. Clear signposting is displayed to direct viewers to the subscription options. Subscriptions are managed through an integrated third-party system.

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