Mark Ritson’s Mini-MBA

Professor Mark Ritson & Marketing Week needed a trusted partner to build a robust, flexible and powerful site to help market this multi-million pound business with thousands of alumni.

The Challenge

Mark Ritson, working with Marketing Week, required a capable site with excellent SEO and the ability to tweak and adjust content experimentally, along with integration with Centaur’s Piano implementation and payment gateway.

The Solution

We worked with Huddle Creative’s excellent designs to which we added interactions and developed UX journeys. We added a custom WordPress toolset and integration knowledge to build a lasting, performant and flexible website platform that allows multiple marketing landing pages and user flows. We also ensured these complex designs would naturally adapt to mobile screens whilst still being easy to edit and manage.

Strong technical SEO and blogging functionality

The site was built with excellent structural SEO from the start, enhanced by a blog section to help with lead generation by sharing content on social media platforms. The site is top of search engines for the term 'Mini-MBA', with rival courses forced to purchase search engine results instead. Tools installed, allow the site owners to adapt SEO terms, social media images and excerpts as required.

Piano integration

Fulfilment, membership and behaviour tracking are all carried out using tight integrations with the class-leading Piano suite of tools including Piano VX and Piano ID.

Wide ranging content blocks

Multiple types of content blocks, for example, social media in the image to the left, which can pull content according to rules from many sources on the site and externally, can be selected, moved around the page and even the site as managed by the site editors. Complex layout changes can be done quickly with minimal training and little need to involve developers.