Gender Champions

Used by senior staff at organisations such as the UN, government ambassadors and senior business leaders. Facilitating the worldwide management of gender parity commitments.

The Challenge

IGC Secretariat asked us to manage the data of hundreds of champions and seven hubs around the world. The features of this application needed to account for multiple user roles, user profile management, complex workflows, approvals processes and a sophisticated admin UI. The web app also required integration with a new modern and friendly public-facing website.

The Solution

After running a stakeholder workshop in Geneva and analysing the outcome, we proposed the following: A multi-part web application that used a central database built on a PHP framework for performance and future versatility. Streamlined workflow for easy administration.


Working with the current branding, we adapted the styling in a dynamic and fresh way, suitable for the digital space. Our Design Lead, Chris, produced a prototype with Adobe XD,  creating user flows. These were shared with the client, allowing them to experience our ideas and view the designs as a user would. This both accelerated the conversation and reduced iterations. Once signed off, our front-end web development team translated the designs to the web, creating a fresh and consistently styled site within a tight budget.


Web app users include senior staff at organisations such as the UN, government ambassadors, and business leaders across the world. When IGC first approached us, they had a WordPress site that was reaching its limits, had no facility for sophisticated workflows and poor performance. It was important that the site gave a great user experience. With the site being used by so many people across the world (seven worldwide hubs), we used clear and simple signposting in the design, clean code that responded quickly to inputs and changes in filters.

Lighthouse chart - showing 99/100 score on performance for desktop

Back-end engineering

A site is only as good as it's back-end. We developed a sophisticated, framework based back-end. Site managers can easily manage content, list events, and supply resources, in a structured way to their worldwide user base. We ensure that we use the very latest rapid application development techniques meaning once needs are identified they can be very quickly delivered. The Gender Champions' Resources page, provides a wealth of resources for people with an interest in gender equality. These are easily uploaded, stored, filtered and distributed.

Screenshot of IGC Resources page
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