Creative Review

Creative Review has been at the heart of the creative community since 1980. First as a monthly print publication and now with an online digital experience delivering insight and ideas across the creative industries.

The Challenge

Migration from WebMatrix to WordPress. Responsive theme development across multiple devices and platforms. Design & development based on flat designs. 

The Solution

Plugin installation from our extensive suite of technology developed for Centaur Media projects. Abacus ADvance CRM integration. Responsive theme development and associated gap design work, from supplied flat designs. ADTECH integration. Migration from WebMatrix to WordPress. Ongoing user support and development.

The key to our online transformational success at Centaur Media has been the very close and successful working partnership with Interconnect... a truly great team to work with.

Custom typography

Creative Review uses a custom font. We worked with the client’s typographers to ensure the font worked well in the browser. Perfecting details like the baselines might seem minor, but is critical with web layouts to ensure the site displays beautifully.

Website migration

A key part of this project was handling the data migration from WebMatrix to WordPress. This was a carefully managed phase of work to ensure the data was mapped correctly and was executed using custom developed scripts.

Small details

We pride ourselves on getting the small details just right. Key details as subtle as handling how the hamburger menu looks in different contexts is important. These may seem like tiny, barely visible details, but utterly necessary for a design and layout that needs to look perfect to a design-savvy industry.

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