The plain english WordPress 4.3 manual you can read in bed.

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Do you sometimes struggle to understand all the features that WordPress 4.3 has to offer?

Do you prefer a manual that you can hold in your hands? Something you can print off (or download onto an eBook reader) and read in bed? Or even the bath?

Perhaps you have just finished a site for a client and need a comprehensive, professional and easy to understand WordPress manual that you can rebrand and offer to them as part of your company’s services?

Our WordPress User Guide is a plain English manual designed for print and screen. It will take you through the process of setting up a WordPress site, entering and editing content, adding media, managing comments, building menus and so much more.

We understand that people need the guide for different things, so the guide is offered in two different flavours, to offer the best value for money; a free PDF of the previous version, ideal for hobbyists, and a fully customisable Word version. The latter is available in both US letter and A4 sizes and comes complete with a handy three page instruction document. Read on to find the best match for you.

Get yours today. Two versions to choose from.

4.2 free version

  • Comprehensive
  • Easy to understand
  • High quality PDF

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4.3 fully customisable version

  • Comprehensive
  • Easy to understand
  • Nice, print ready images
  • Fully customisable
  • Totally rebrandable
  • SUPER Karma points!
  • Editable Word .docx

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Older Versions, Translated Versions and Changelog


The free pdf version is for personal use, and must not be redistributed without our prior permission. You may, however, distribute the free pdf version without permission to students if you are a teacher working in a public education capacity – that means schools and other educational establishments that are open to the public and not fee charging.

If you are a fee charging university, school, a commercial company, or other fee charging organisation then you should use the editable paid for version. Once you have paid you may print as many copies as you wish, but you may not charge for these copies without our prior permission.

The editable version of the file can be rebranded, edited and printed according to your needs but must not be distributed outside of your organisation or beyond your clients without prior permission of interconnect/it. You may remove all references to interconnect/it other than to keep a small copyright notice somewhere within the document that can be found with a document search and which is visible to the naked eye. In other words, be reasonable – we put a lot of work into these guides, they don’t really make us any profit, but by sharing this way we can save you all that work in return for some beer money for ourselves.