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The Auditor helped us track down a security issue before it became a problem, something which wouldn’t have been possible without it. An extremely useful tool.

Tim Wright - Informa

The powerful WordPress plugin that gives you an extra insight to what is happening on your site.

A screenshout of the logins logging screen A screenshout of the activity logging grap A screenshout of the change logging screen A screenshout of the events overview screen A screenshout of the published assets graph

Tighten security

An obscure user has been elevated to Admin status? 5000 failed logins in the space of an hour? The Auditor can log suspicious activity such as this and help tighten security.

Ease diagnosis

Debugging WordPress issues becomes simple with custom logging and extensive event reporting of all aspects of your site’s day-to-day workings.

Raise productivity

Visually keep track of your contributers' output. Graphs that can reflect a whole site, or focus on individual users, providing vital information about who is doing what.

Improve support

Has a client installed a new plugin? Did critical settings change? You now have a tool to see exactly who did what and hard evidence to back you up should you need it.

We love The Auditor, it’s fantastic being able to keep track of changes clients are making on the sites we build.

Tom Willmot - Director of Humanmade


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