My Eyes Are Up Here

The easy to use plugin giving you the control to display thumbnails the way you want to in WordPress.

What is it?

MyEyesAreUpHere is a plugin developed by the team at interconnect/it to help fix the problem of terrible photo crops. Using the plugin enables you to:

  • Eliminate bad thumb crops
  • Say goodbye to crotch shots
  • Forget about the worry of half-faces

Why use it?

Meet Ethel. She has a problem. She’s fed up of crops that don’t focus on her face. In a tall full body shot, WordPress thumbnails show nothing other than her belt. In a photo like this one, a square WordPress thumbnail just shows half her face.

Talk about annoying. So imagine her delight when she discovered interconnect/it had developed a snazzy little plugin called MyEyesAreUpHere.

Let’s take a look at how MyEyesAreUpHere works. Ethel has uploaded her photograph to WordPress and annoyingly just half her face displays…

Having installed MyEyesAreUpHere, all Ethel has to do is to add a hotspot, or use the face detection feature, when editing the media file:

And hey presto, the cropped thumbnail now looks like this:

No longer do you have to put up with terrible crops on your website. You can grab a copy from, or you can live on with dodgy crops—but Ethel won’t be happy!

If you’re interested in contributing head on over to GitHub.