Meet The Boss

You can have an entirely free, honest and no strings attached half hour online consultation with David Coveney, and lean on his 20 years of experience in corporate software and sixteen years of experience working with digitally led businesses, charities and publishers.

After so long in the business I've decided to give free, easy to book consultations online. I'm happy to consult with anyone in need of a consultation on the subject of digital publishing or web applications for up to half an hour. If you have a need for more time than that, just email me and we'll make things happen to schedule paid for consultations. There's no commitment from you. I won't even ask you to sign up for an email newsletter. Nothing! Zilch! Nada! You'll never hear from me again unless you specifically ask me to stay in touch! How does that sound? Just select your preferred date and time below, and the magic will happen.