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Coming Problems with Web Design

I just read an interesting article in A List Apart about how browsers that are forgiving of bad markup and css are bad for the web. And I totally get it. In fact, a failure of how standards apply to web pages is one of the reasons why, until really quite recently, I’d avoided having anything to do with Web… continue reading

The Difference Hosting Can Make

It’s quite apt that on the day that appears to have broken (it’s not serving any front-end pages on this blog at the time of writing if you’re logged in) I’m making a post about hosting. So to the gist of this post. We provide hosting to clients, and only clients.  You can’t just ring us up and ask… continue reading

The Danger of Unpaid Consulting, And One Answer…

One thing that happens a lot in the web development and design sphere is the problem of unpaid consulting. Actually, I’ll rephrase it a little… it happens all the time! It’s rather tricky. Clients are interested in us because we offer them something that gives them better efficiency, sales and returns. But what we do is complex and sophisticated. As… continue reading

Sex, the iPhone, and Winning Traffic

I was going to start this little piece about how there seem to be two hot topics that generate traffic to a website. Then I realised, there’s actually three hot topics. But first, the original two.  This blog had been quietly pottering along and not really generating much interest until two features.

Safer Passwords & Using PasswordMaker

You may find passwords to be an unecessary chore. But they’re important. However, inventing strong passwords is difficult… and they’re hard to remember. So you need to be able to generate passwords on the go and the solution is Password Maker – a great way to have safe, difficult to crack passwords which works beautifully as browser plugins.

Keep It Standard

I was working with a client recently on their own, customised installation of WordPress… and it was driving me potty.  It was a pretty tiring day, given that our normal training covers concepts such as drafts.  On their installation, you pressed save and the page (no posts on that one) would immediately appear on the navigation.  Not only that, but… continue reading

Anvil GPL WordPress Theme 1.3

For those of you who are fans of our Anvil WordPress Theme, a new version – 1.3 has just been released and is now available to download.  I’ve been testing it out on my own blog (at least, at the date of writing – that may change in the future) and it’s still one of our favourites.  It’s flexible, powerful,… continue reading

The Google Generation Myth

Many people believe that the Google Generation, teenagers now, are an especially adept group, making skillful use of search engines and outperforming their older peers as a result. It’s not true. And not only that, if you look at the heaviest users of the web, it’s not kids in their late teens – it’s the elderly.  A fascinating report has… continue reading