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WordPress Auto 301 Feature

If you change a slug in WordPress it will automatically generate a 301 redirect – helping keep your search engine juice nice and rich. Try it with the following link – it shouldn’t work, and I’ve not done anything manually.  Yet it does: Some nice tricks inside WordPress.  Keep up the good work lads!

Producing Instructional ScreenCasts

Sometimes there’s a need to produce training videos which show how you carry out a certain piece of work.  Simply explaining a technique isn’t always possible in words.  You need to show people how it’s done. Alternatively you may wish to demo your lovely piece of software. And for that, there’s a rather wonderful piece of software called CamStudio.  Even… continue reading

Cosmetic Surgery Web2.0 site. A Website Looking For Trouble?

I’m not really one to moralise. But I’ll say that I feel a slight tingle of concern over Face By Fix – a new website where folk can upload their photos and visitors can say what cosmetic surgery they should consider! In a way a shocking idea.  In another way quite cool.  If we were all well balanced individuals then… continue reading

New WordPress User Guide

Please Note – This version of the guide is now obsolete and been superceded by our WordPress 2.6 User Guide which can be downloaded from One of the things lacking, in the free downloads world, so far as we could see, was a simple, easy to follow WordPress guide designed for non-techie WordPress users. There are two versions available… continue reading

Some Interesting Stats on WordPress and

I was doing a little thinking about WordPress and its rival CMS systems. And then I thought… it’s not hard to find comparisons if you know where to look. Sadly it’s hard to find hard numbers – people hold this data dearly. Still – I had a play with Alexa and Google and the stats were interesting to see.… continue reading

iPhone 1.1.3 Update – What does it give?

Hmmm – there’s strangely little information about this new update so far, and I know this isn’t really a blog about the world’s most hyped pocket MP3 playing web browser (with built in and ok-ish phone) but it’s hot news, so what the heck?

Does the web industry suck?

Does the web industry suck? Is it because of us techies or is it something about the clients?

Bug Tracking

Want to know how we keep track of all those websites and bugs? It’s quite simple – we use Mantis Bug Tracker.   It’s not as powerful as some, but we’re a three man company – a more heavy solution would probably simply be going over the top with things and would carry a support load that we simply wouldn’t… continue reading

The Wicked Problem

I was reading through some project management methodology just now (yay! My life is full of joy at last!) and came across the phrase “The Wicked Problem” in this line on Wikipedia: Steve McConnell in Code Complete (a book which criticizes the widespread use of the waterfall model) refers to design as a “wicked problem” – a problem whose requirements… continue reading

Getting Your DNS Settings Right

One thing worth thinking about in 2008, is fixing the DNS entry to your website. Most here are probably set up just fine, but here’s one of the most common problems we see: Go to a website – eg, and it should all work fine. But take out the www and go to and it doesn’t.  You just… continue reading