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WordPress Database Corruption and its Effects

We had an interesting failure recently. The server for one of our larger clients, who have their own high-spec dedicated server arranged, went down. We got the alert by text, and swung into action. Well, more accurately we had called the hosting providers and told them to fix it. They gave no solid reason or explanation as to why the… continue reading

Clients in a Warzone

One of our clients is the Georgia Energy Efficiency Programme with their website at – and nice people they are too. Now, Georgia, in case you don’t know, is a small former USSR state between Turkey and Russia. Relations between Georgia and Russia have never been brilliant, and there’s a lot of complex politics going on which I won’t… continue reading

What Used to be Hard, Becomes Easy

One thing we talk a lot about is how important it is, for costs, to stick to problems which have already been solved. Get fancy and do something new, and your costs have rocketed away. A developer has just done a nice little piece on spellchecking. In 1984 it was ferociously hard. In fact, if you wanted a decent spellchecker… continue reading

How Much Does Code Cost?

It’s hard to measure the cost of code.  Simple stuff can be ferociously time-consuming to develop, and bad coders often produce reams of poorly structured code. But let’s assume you’re dealing with a typical, decent developer who doesn’t take the long route, or dangerous shortcuts.

Museum of Computing Needs a New Home

Bit of an unusual post this one, but when we uncover kit that my girlfriend says “haven’t you chucked out that museum piece yet?” I tend to call up the Museum of Computing in Swindon.  Consequently they’ve got a few random oddities from my IT past including an old Sinclair QL and the very rare QL Monitor that came with… continue reading

Something’s Coming

Very quietly we’ve been building something quite special for WordPress. Let’s just say that we’re not the first with the concept, nor, I’m sure, the last. But it’s going to be about the most professional set-up. And we’ve done almost all of it with WordPress based technology. What is it, exactly? Well, just at this moment, we’re not saying. There’s… continue reading

Will The Financial Crisis Damage Small Technology Firms?

Easy credit has led to the latest financial crisis. However, it’s not all bad news – the savvy company can watch out for the threats while simultaneously picking over the bones of failed competition… here’s how.

Why We Hate American Software Companies (Well, Adobe)

Some American software companies are increasingly ripping-off European customers. It’s perfectly possible for a European to pay twice as much for a software download from the same server as an American would be using. Adobe are particularly bad. Perhaps Europeans should start charging more to Americans in order to balance it out?

10 Reasons I Hate My iPhone

Now, before the hate starts, let me say that the iPhone is beautiful. It’s UI is terrific, and it is by far the very best handheld web browsing device I’ve ever come across. It’s also the first phone I’ve had which has started conversations, and everyone who sees me using it wants to touch it. If I was so minded… continue reading

10 Ways to Win Web Awards

It was close, but no cigar… one of our sites was nominated for the Clynol Best Salon Website of 2007 award.  Sadly we didn’t win it, but we looked at the competition and then at which site won.  We realised that with many of these awards the depth of analysis isn’t that deep.