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WordPress and the iPhone

Two hot topics, in one post. WordPress is the hot blogging tool right now, and the iPhone is one of the hot mobile phones too. So it’s a shame that they don’t work that well together. In this article I go through the following: Posting to from the iPhone Posting to a self hosted version of WordPress using the… continue reading

Wanna Be A Great Developer?

It really scares me how few good programmers actually exist in this world. I only bump into them professionally and even then, not as often as I’d like. If, for example, I meet someone at a party and he says he codes I’ll put a bet on he or she lacking a huge range of skills. The sad thing is,… continue reading

Site Features Can Go Hilariously Wrong

I’m going to shamelessly nick a few images here from a site we designed, manage and host (Sniff Petrol) , but which is run and written by someone else. In finding this he showed a great example of why you should think about any new features you add to a website. The idea seemed good enough – Car Magazine added… continue reading

Attention WordPress Hackers! At Last, a GPL Theme Worth Playing With…

We finally built GPL theme for hosted versions of WordPress! And very pretty it is too… We’ve been writing custom themes for clients for quite some time now, and felt it was time to give a little something back to the WordPress community. So we did a fully GPL theme, complete with a Fireworks png, all sliced up and ready… continue reading

Well done WordPress! Two million and counting…

So we’re hoping to be one of the first to congratulate WordPress on hitting the two million blogs mark. What can we say? Well done! To us it’s big news – we’ve made a strategic decision to be increasingly involved in WordPress.  With the up and coming premium themes marketplace we’re hoping to be involved with, coupled with the increasing… continue reading