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Managing Risks With Web Hosting

We’ve had some clients recently who’ve been burned by other web designers and their hosts. At first we wondered how… our own uptime so far this year, removing planned outages, has been 99.966% – ie, we had three hours downtime on a Sunday morning due to a routing problem at our hosts. It’s unusual to have even that much downtime,… continue reading

Restricting WPMU sign-up

Restricting the ability to sign up to new wpmu blogs is unfortunate but necessary to get away from all the spam bloggers out there. They make life hell for everyone. This simplest means of hindering their progress is a plug-in that checks to see the login status of the person trying to create a new blog. <?php add_action(“signup_header”,”ICITAreYouAllowed”); function ICITAreYouAllowed()… continue reading

Steps for installing WP Mu as domain manager

The following is the basic procedure for installing WordPress mu with more than one domain name so that you only need one install to control several domains. I’m creating this document to help me see all the steps I’ve take so that I never have to figure it out from cold again and to help me with the writing of… continue reading