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Breaking into the magic of search engines

Breaking into the magic of search engines

We’ve been working on a custom search solution for our client, The Lawyer. Here our developer Gianluigi, discusses the magic of search engines and how they work.

Site Launched: Danbar Drilling

Site Launched: Danbar Drilling

Danbar Drilling is a WordPress 2.7 based site.  The theme is 100% custom in-house design & build, and utilises several Interconnect IT only custom plugins, including automatic theme sensitive image resizing, short titles and excerpts, and more.  Design by David Coveney, code by James R Whitehead and Mike Little.  The site is built to industry standards and with accessibility in… continue reading

Sex, the iPhone, and Winning Traffic

I was going to start this little piece about how there seem to be two hot topics that generate traffic to a website. Then I realised, there’s actually three hot topics. But first, the original two.  This blog had been quietly pottering along and not really generating much interest until two features.

The Google Generation Myth

Many people believe that the Google Generation, teenagers now, are an especially adept group, making skillful use of search engines and outperforming their older peers as a result. It’s not true. And not only that, if you look at the heaviest users of the web, it’s not kids in their late teens – it’s the elderly.  A fascinating report has… continue reading

Some Interesting Stats on WordPress and

I was doing a little thinking about WordPress and its rival CMS systems. And then I thought… it’s not hard to find comparisons if you know where to look. Sadly it’s hard to find hard numbers – people hold this data dearly. Still – I had a play with Alexa and Google and the stats were interesting to see.… continue reading

Google Ranking Effect on Traffic

We spend a lot of time persuading people of the importance of Google and other search engines on the popularity of a page to the world. For this page on a personal blog plenty of hits were coming in, yet suddenly there was an increase in traffic for this page which persisted. Why? Because for a year, the page came… continue reading